Arts Partnership Study

*Note: Links in this article have been disabled. For updated information on the research project, see our newer blog post Arts Partnership Study Phase II.

Collaborators from MINDPOP, AISD and UT Austin have been awarded a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for research into the relationships between schools and arts partners in Austin’s arts education ecosystem. The purpose of the research is to learn about arts partnerships -- how they form and how we can continue to foster a strong and well-supported ecosystem of arts partners in Austin.

Findings from the study will be disseminated to the broader arts and education community in Austin in early 2021.

Dr. Brent Hasty and Dr. Adam Papendieck are leading the research. If you would like to learn more, or participate in the study, please contact Jackson Knowles, who is coordinating the study, or reach out directly to Dr. Papendieck or Dr. Hasty

Participant info:

  • Study info for participants.
  • Participant consent form.
  • Schedule an interview or meeting with Dr. Papendieck.

Grant Info:

  • NEA Grant Tracking Number: GRANT12718085
  • Application #: 1856067

This is a sample map of Austin's network of schools and arts partners.