Arts Access, Creative Teaching and Arts Partnerships for all students — in and out of school.

Our Key Concepts:

Address all levels of the system

Our solutions support individual teachers, campus level leaders and district administration and policies, as well as supporting the arts community and families involved with supporting creative learning.

Act collectively

Unequal access to arts learning is not the problem of schools alone. By working with the arts community, philanthropy and the community, the collective group can combine resources to meet their common goals.

Attend to instruction, curriculum and their interaction

By addressing how we instruct students and what curriculum is taught, both in and out of school, we can maximize the interaction and amplify the benefits to students.

Include Arts Learning, Creative teaching, and Arts Partners

Effective Creative Learning Initiative include equitable access to arts learning in all art forms at all levels, and supports general classroom teachers using creative teaching techniques across the curriculum. It also meaningfully integrates community arts partners into schools and assures students and their families have access to learning experiences they offer in neighborhoods across the community.